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NA LCS Playoff Thoughts

I’m just going to share what I posted on Reddit for a sec.

Quas and Voyboy looked great, but so did their oft-neglected ADC Cop. Playing against the talented and well-touted Rush Hour, Cop and Xpecial performed brilliantly, particularly in game 3. Cop went 9/0/4, and had 312 CS, 1 short of Voy’s Yasuo, and had the most gold on Curse at the end. The Mad Bomber is back.

C9 vs Curse is going to be a great game, and I’m looking forward to a great matchup between the teams, particularly Sneaky and Lemon vs Cop and Xpecial.

I also think TSM and LMQ should be good, but I didn’t feel as drawn to the TSM/DIG game. Maybe it’s because I only watched two games of the series, but the fact was that the Curse surprise sweep is what I’m really thinking about. I expected TSM to beat Dig with the way that both teams had been playing, which is such a shame for Dignitas, considering their early split victories.

More news from PAX in the future perhaps. It’s been almost a year since I’ve updated this.

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