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He had been patient until this point. Kendarr, sword-saint of Hell, had tracked the beast to his lair in the desert. It had been grueling, even for him, in the state that he was to find his quarry. Many had been sent to the worlds beyond in his search to find the creature, but he had finally achieved his goal:

Locate the TurtleRexx.

Now, with the abomination’s nest in sight, Kendarr could barely contain himself. He would be discharged of his service by destroying the beast, and freed from this awkward body, a shell that the people of this world called a “penguin”. He had been told it was a flightless bird, not fit for eating, and its tiny thumbless wings along with its short stubby legs certainly reinforced the notion that once he got back to his real body, he should just eliminate the species entirely.

He had been trapped with this task for some time, after he had failed his demonic masters and was forced into this shell. Reclaiming his true demonic form was his driving goal since the day they stuck him into this wretched piece of bone and sinew, and to do it, he needed to kill the TurtleRexx. It had been born in the dreams of Helllords, long since sent to sleep for the good of the universe. Should those demonic kings ever wake from their slumber, their power could tear the fabric of reality, and so they slept. Normally, they did not cause such problems, but every once and a while, their nightmares found their way into existence, and so the TurtleRexx was made, coming into the world with a birth-scream so horrible it had unmade all who heard it. The beast had been running since that day, and continued to do what all nightmares do: destroy. Similarly, nightmares had just one way to be ended, Kendarr thought: violently.

It had found its way here, and Kendarr had as well, to finish the job. A trail of bodies, blood, and bone had followed them both along this path, and Kendarr waddled up to the cave. He tried gripping his blade, the Satsujinkaze, but was hampered by his lack of digits. Using what remained of his demonic essence to grip the blade telekinetically, he could feel the weakness of his power and could merely assist his underpowered hand to hold the legendary “Murder Wind”. Being removed from his natural form had left him with but a fraction of his power. Fortunately, as he progressed into the lair of the dread beast, he had all of his skill.

The cave was the only respite from the scorching heat, and even things borne from the dreams of sleeping lords of hell need a rest. Kendarr had noted, however, that this was perhaps their most dangerous abomination yet: Possessing all of the ferocity and murderous cunning of a Tyrannosaurus Rex with the defensive attributes of the humble turtle. He strode his way into the cave, his penguin eyes damnably unfocused. He reached out with his senses, but could not detect the TurtleRexx. Quietly, he ventured forward.

It was oddly desolate, even in a place of desolation. No sand was present in the cave, only rock and dry air. No bones littered the floor, and Kendarr wondered if the creature took the time to bring them back to its lair to finish the kill, or if it instead devoured everything and left no trace. Either way, he was cautious as he proceeded further into the cave. Suddenly, he stopped, and drew Satsujinkaze to the ready. Though he heard no sound behind him as the beast leapt, he felt its hellish presence in the nick of time, and darted to the side, narrowly avoiding the rending maw of the TurtleRexx.

“Beast!” Kendarr quacked out in the language of Hell. “I have come to send you back to Oblivion! Stand before the judgment of Kendarr the legendary, and know despair!” Yet, in his dark heart, Kendarr knew fear for the first time.

It was clear to see from the creature that it was a being born from the dreams of the damned: a wretched smell came forth as the TurtleRexx roared, its mouth a maw of jagged teeth and vile spit. It was no bigger than he, but he could clearly sense the power in its being, its energy coiled in its legs, and the fierce rage in its eyes. The shell would be a problem; a turtle’s shell was one thing, but this was something born of the primal hate of beings lost to their own nightmares, and thus there was no telling how strong it was.

Again the creature howled, and lunged for Kendarr, fangs bared and ready to devour the sword-saint , but he brought his sword up to deflect the blow, knocking the TurtleRexx to the side. It was barely enough however, as the force of the leap pushed Kendarr back against the wall. Kendarr readied himself as the nightmare sprung yet again, pinning Kendarr against the rock, gnashing and clawing at his prey. Kendarr darted his head and limbs to the side as quickly as his body’s feeble muscles would allow, avoiding most of the attack, but was struck several times. As he quacked in pain, he wrestled himself free, sliding to the side, and bringing his blade to bear.

As he swung the Satsujinkaze, his fears were realized as it glanced off of the TrutleRexx’s shell with a sharp tang, as though metal had met metal. Kendarr threw himself into the attack however, launching several rapid strikes at the beast, using the momentum to prevent being pinned again. His rally wasn’t completely useless; the beast seemed surprised to be on the receiving end of an offensive, and moved backwards with the force of each blow, but the ground that Kendarr was gaining was quickly diminishing as the beast parried strike after strike, slowing his backward movement until it caught the last thrust with its shell, and countered, clawing at Kendarr’s sword-wing. The creature struck fast and deep, ripping the wing in half, and the blade fell to the ground with a clatter.

The sword-saint began to panic, and the creature could feel it. Seizing on its vicious blow, it wheeled around, striking Kendarr in the chest with its tail, throwing him to the ground, and eagerly began to approach the once-demon. Kendarr shook with impotent rage on the ground, fearing for its existence as the TurtleRexx advanced, mouth dripping with ichor, and all the foul smells of the Pit contained within. Kendarr reached out for the Murder Wind, but it was merely a reaction born of fear; the blade was yards away, yards that might as well have been miles.

He did his best to calm himself, and grip the blade telekinetically, trying to avoid the horror now inches from him. The creature savored the helplessness of its pray, a trait born out of hits hellish nature; demons were always too proud. The sword-saint realized that this display of pride would be his last chance to strike. He summoned the depths of his strength, and his powers flung the blade at the creature from behind, striking the TurtleRexx in the back of the head. The distraction lasted a moment as it wheeled its head around, ready for a second combatant, but the distraction was enough. When the beast turned its head back to finish off the sword-saint, it could not react in time to prevent Kendarr from thrusting the Satsujinkaze into its mouth. As the sword pierced the skull of the TurtleRexx, the soft squish and vacant expression in the creature’s eyes signaled its death. Blood streaming down the blade, Kendarr twisted it with his one good wing, ending the nightmare as he swore he would do.

He threw off the corpse of the beast and rose, wiping the Murder Wind off with his body. As the TurtleRexx’s blood coated his feathers, he shouted, “Masters! I have performed my task, and slain the beast! Stay true to your word, Lords of Hell, and redeem your servant to kill again in your name!”

Voices echoed from the caves depths, with no discernible source: “We have seen your work, sword-saint. Be freed from your earthy prison of flesh and bone, and know that you please your masters. Continue your mission on Earth, and feel our grace upon you.”

As Kendarr’s demonic form was restored, his mind was occupied with just one thought:

Kill the penguins first.

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